Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jim Thome is a Monster

Good lord, Jim Thome did it again today. He's homered in 4 straight games (All White Sox wins BTW) and has 6 already on the season.

The leading cause of death for baseballs

If you take into account the last week of spring training and the man now has 14 home runs in his last 16 games.

I miss Aaron Rowand, but every Thome bomb helps ease the pain. As of now he's on pace for 107 homers and 162 RBI.

I'm guessin he'll round out about 85 long balls, unless the ball stays as juiced as it is at the moment. Then pry around 100 easy.

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knighty said...

Loving Thome....tooka chance on him and hez providing some much needed pop in my lineup. I need to pay u still.....just transfer to ftp?

Fornelli said...

ya that be fine.

oh and I'll trade you Alex Rios for him...think about it.