Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chance Encounter With An Old Friend

Ok. So I was downloading a whole bunch of stuff yesterday. I got Jay-Z's Black Album (B), Kanye's College Dropout (A-), and Kanye's Late Registration (B). While I was downloading those I was also downloading porn cuz that's what you do with computers. You download porn.

So I downloaded this one video, it's like 45 minutes long. I start playing it while I'm burning CD's. Its like a Girls Gone Wild type deal, I think it was called "In The VIP" or something. The deal is these guys go to a club, find some drunk, high, stupid girls, take em to a hotel, have sex with them, and film the whole thing. It's great.

This was no ordinary porn though. They start talking to a brown haired girl who looks familiar to me. Blah blah blah, 10 minutes later we're in the hotel room with the brown haired girl, her blonde friend and 4 guys. Well the blonde friend appears to be on around 4 hits of X, cuz her pupils are about 3 inches wide, and she just looks out of it. She has enough of her wits about her to have sex with 2 guys though. Anyway while watching I have figured out who the brown haired girl reminds me of.


You're kidding.

It couldn't be!!!

Then she gets naked

IT IS!!!!!

It's my ex girlfriend. I shit you not. I haven't seen her in 7 years, and when I last did she was blonde. Now she's a brunette and there is a guy who apparently heard there is an oil reserve inside her, cuz he's drilling away.

I had no idea what to think, all I know is I couldn't watch it anymore. I loved her once, and I don't hate her now, so I just couldn't watch. Immediately I felt kinda sad. I mean, when we dated in high school, she was no angel, but I figured it was just your run of the mill teenage rebellion. Now she's appearing in a porno on the internet.If I had any idea where the hell she was I would try to get in contact with her, but I don't, and really there isn't much point in it. What would I say? "Hey I saw you the other day!" Whatever, it's kind of depressing, let's move on.

Holy shit I don't have anything else to say.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,



Spaghetti McMeatball said...

wow tommasso thats one helluva yarn. Sorry to hear about the porn. I hope you have learned a valuable lesson: pornos are only good when not downloading music. Porn has a mind of its own and will punish you if it knows you are putting on the back burner behind music downloads. Respect the porn and drink Sprite.

Teresa said...

which is sadder, getting some and it ending up on the internet? OR being the alone in his apartment downloading it off the internet to wank to??? hmmmm a moral cunundrum :)~

Fornelli said...

I say starring in it for pry a few hundred bucks is sadder.

I mean, all guys jerk off, not all girls become whores.