Tuesday, April 11, 2006

God-The Original Gangsta

I wrote this following entry a while ago, but never posted it. The reason for this was that I have a few friends who are quite religious, and they read this blog, so I wanted to respect their beliefs. Then I realized that if I could be so respectful of their beliefs, they HAVE to respect mine. It's only fair. So now I'm gonna post it.

Friedrich Nietzsche said a long time ago "God is dead."Well he was wrong. God is alive and well, and still killing people daily.You see that's what God does. He kills. Maybe not directly, but through his "message."

I was raised as a Catholic. Just your typical good Italian/Scottish kid goin to church like mommy and daddy wanted him to. Well, at the risk of sounding completely full of myself, I really wasn't your typical kid. I was pretty smart, and I had test scores to prove it. In fact I think in like 5th grade on the CAT (California Aptitude Test) test that all grade school kids in the country we're required to take I scored in the 99th percentile. So there were like 5 kids in the entire country who scored higher than me, and I'll bet you they were all Asian. So I took solace in the fact I was the smartest non-Asian kid in the country.

Who needs girls when you have the comforts of a good book?

But I digress.

See, I went to public school cuz my parents couldn't afford Catholic school. My twin sister and I still needed some God in us though, so on Saturdays in my childhood I was forced to go to CCD. (Catholic version of Sunday school....just on Saturday mornings.....early Saturday mornings) So while millions of other American children celebrated freedom from the concrete and brick walls of education, I was stuck learning about the J-Man and his daddy. Then on top of it I still had to go to church on Sunday.

What the fuck!?

Dude, I'm seriously sorry about nailing your girlfriend man. We're still cool right?

So you're telling me that not only do I have to get up early on Saturday and sacrifice vital playing time for God, but now I have to miss the first half of the Bears game too!?

God is a sadistic evil bastard.

It wasn't just missed playing time, and Bears games though. It was the whole institution of the thing. See like I mentioned earlier, I was always a smart kid, but that didn't mean I liked being told what to think. I'm still very much the same, and well, the church pissed me off. I don't like being told what to think, let alone believe in.

There were other aspects that pissed me off as I got older too.

Not just the typical if God loves us why do bad things happen thoughts either, though those were also prominent questions I'd ask myself. Also, if God loves us, why do we need to pay him for it? I thought it was unconditional? I used to get so pissed when my mom would make me give a dollar to the donation plate. I mean I was like 8, $1 was most of my income.

So when I was 12 I had a heart to heart with my mom. I had just finished the 7th grade of CCD and had been confirmed by the church. I did everything I needed to do to be an actual Catholic. So I told my mom I was through with church.

War raged in our household that Sunday morning. My mom was 100% that the only reason I didn't want to go was football. This was partly true, but it was mostly I didn't believe in any of it, and was just overall loathsome of the entire institution.

Plus my dad never had to fucking go to church so why the hell should I have to!?

So as it's probably clear now, I'm not a fan of the church. Not just the Catholic church, hell not even the church.


I fucking hate it. Like Karl Marx said it's the "opiate of the masses."It's for the weak willed, and the weak minded. I'm a firm believer in the fact the only thing a human being has ever needed, and will ever need in life is themselves.

In our brain.

This God we all seek is in our brain, and I don't just mean as a figment of our imagination. Humans can only use a limited capacity of their mind. We really don't even know what we are fully capable of.

Like in my life I've seen ghosts.

I saw them in my childhood home, and I see them now on my way home from work. Some say I'm crazy when I tell them, and some believe me. I think I'm perfectly sane, and that I, for some reason or another, have access to a part of my brain that not everybody else does. That it allows me to see things others can't. Kind of like how psychics work. (Not the Miss Cleo kind mahn!)

Most of society is skeptical and calls us out of touch. Keep in mind that these are the same people who have no problem accepting stories of a man walking on water, dying and then RISING FROM THE DEAD and walking to heaven as fact.

Me seeing a ghost however...............

I mean think about it. What would be the first thing you thought if some guy with bad hygiene and long hair came up to you today and told you he was the son of God? I don't deny Jesus was a real person. I don't deny Moses was real, Mohammed, L. Ron Hubbard, any of em. They weren't Gods though. Hell Jesus was probably nothing more than a schizophrenic, it's just nobody knew what the hell schizophrenia was then.

I haven't even gotten started on all the people that religion has killed yet. It's a pretty well known fact that religion has been behind just about every major war (World War's aside.) in our world's history. One need not look past what's going on in the Middle East right now. We have George W. Bush (The W stands for Warrior of God) on his own personal crusade against Islam.

Obviously Islam is not innocent in this. They want to kill people for drawing cartoons and converting to Christianity. Hell they'll probably declare a Jihad on me for writing this entry.
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I dare you to ask me to show my tits.

You want world peace?

Get rid of religion.

Then the people of the world can start to realize everything that they have in common instead of focusing on the one thing they have different.

Religion was a necessity thousands of years ago because we didn't know anything about ourselves yet, and had no means to find out. So it was created to soothe our fear and concern.It's 2006 now. If there was a heaven we would have found it.

God isn't dead. He was never alive.


Zooks said...

I couldn't agree with you more.

Anonymous said...

me too, zooks.

kudos to you, tom, for having the courage to publicly offer your opinion on this hot button issue. whether people agree or disagree, your views are cogent, provocative and worthy of consideration and respect.

(even if you ARE going to hell)

Fornelli said...

Thanks Satan!

steeler247 said...

dems aint ghosts. those are spirits coming to take you to hell.

i wonder if S. Texas is far enough away from Chicago so i don't get fried for that lightning bolt that is sure to hit...

Nice post. Kudos for the nuttage.