Monday, October 31, 2005

Return to Work, Pythons, and stuff.

Just getting home from work. God, first day back after a vacation just sucks. I spent the whole time wishing I was somewhere else. I did manage to get all my work done though so at least my boss can't bitch at me tomorrow. I'm not sure why I was put on this shift tonight to begin with though. Usually I work the normal 9-5 on Mondays. Plus Enarson was there tonight. So why the hell do I need to be? That man can do it all on his own anyway, hes a machine. The scheduling there REALLY needs work. I'm not sure Emrick knows what the hell he's doing when it comes to making the thing.

Greg stopped in and talked to me for a while. He told me about last Wednesday night he came home from work. Showered and stuff, then sat on the couch to turn on the TV. The living room was still dark and he noticed something by the patio from the corner of his eye. He turned on the light so he could see what it was and got quite the surprise. There was a damn python in his living room! In the middle of suburban Chicago a python somehow managed to break into his apartment. The best part is Greg has like this sticky board type deal by the patio. The reason is since his patio goes right out into a forest he gets a lot of bugs. Well this board catches most of em. It wasn't meant to catch pythons.....but it did. The python was stuck on the board. Now naturally Greg said he was kind of freaked out by it. I informed him that pythons aren't gonna bite ya unless you piss em off, and they don't bite their prey anyway. (Do they? I don't really know I just like to seem smart.) I thought they suffocated their prey. Anyway who the hell cares? Back to the story. So Greg didn't want to call the police cuz he didn't feel like being made fun of, plus he wanted to go to bed. So he decided to pick the board up...without touching the stuck snake....and THROW IT OFF HIS THIRD STORY PATIO. What a bastard. I'm sure the python survived the fall as they are tough lil fuckers, but it was like only 38 degrees that night. There's no way it survived. Dickhead move in my opinion. He did have a point though. "What the hell was I supposed to do with it!? Leave it there til morning and drop it off at the pound in the morning?" The best question is though, How did it get INTO the condo? It's too big to go under a door. Greg called some animal place to find out. They informed him that the most likely way the python got into his condo was THROUGH THE TOILET. I died laughing at that. Now Greg says hes gonna shit in constant fear for the rest of his life in that condo cuz a cobra might jump up and bite his ass. You can't make this shit up people.

Let's see what else? I had a burrito for dinner. It was goooooooood. I have to work tomorrow night again, but I usually work Tuesday nights so it's nothing unusual. The part that sucks is Kevin has an extra ticket to Wilco tomorrow and wondered if I wanted it. Of course I do, but I can't go. If I didn't have a job I could go. I have really started thinking of quitting my job a lot lately, and just playing poker full time. I mean in my vacation last week I made $1,000, my vacation a few weeks before that I made $850. I wasn't even playing that much!!! Now sure, that's not enough to make me a millionairre, but it's damn sure enough to pay the bills. I'm gonna spend the next few weeks seriously considering it. Whether or not I ever have the balls to go through with it we shall see. Either way I'll keep you all informed whether you give a shit or not.



I'm not starting this blog to be read by anyone I know. If you read this that's fine, I don't mind. I must warn you though that there may be absolutely nothing of any interest to you. I'm just gonna write about whats on my mind at any given time, or what I did during the day, what I had for dinner. Blah blah fuckin blah. Oh and I use a lot of foul language, so consider yourself forewarned.

Let's see what did I do today? Nothing really. I watched football and played some online poker. My Bears won their third in a row and are now in first place!! What the fuck is going on in Chicago people!? The White Sox win the World Series and now the Bears are in first place!! I swear to God I'm dying tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have to work. It's my first day back after this vacation. It's Halloween, so that kinda sucks. Probably missin some good drinking oppurtunities there. Man this is the worst time of year for work too, with the holidays and shit coming up. It's gonna be a pain in the ass, but after 7 years with this company you get used to it. Oh well. I'm gonna go talk to Panger, watch some TV, and pass out. I'll talk to the interweb again tomorrow. Nite.