Wednesday, April 12, 2006

An Argument for Batting Gloves

On Monday night I went and played baseball with Bill, Tony, Dave and Tim. One of us would pitch, one would hit, and the other three played the outfield.

Well it was the first time I faced any kind of pitching since last summer, and I wasn't wearing batting gloves. That's a bad combination. Hopefully next time I'll remember what Moises Alou taught me and pee on my hands before I hit.

Anyway, the fact that I didn't use batting gloves leads to our Picture of the Day


Yes, it hurts.


Anonymous said...


Fornelli said...

I do believe God is trying to convince me that he is real after that last post.

Either that or Kevin actually did have hand herpes last time I shook his hand.

Kent Hrbek said...

I get the one on the heel of the hand... hang on to it loosely like you do i see.

the one near the index finger, not so much.

yes it hurts.

Fornelli said...

Ya the looser I keep my hands the quicker bat speed I have.

It just seems that tightening as I swing gets the head through quicker.