Wednesday, February 01, 2006


New product alert! Well maybe it's been around for a while, but this is the first I've seen or heard of it, so it's new to me. The U.S. Military has a new weapon to help fight terrorism around the world!

The U.S. Military needed an energy bar for the toughest customer in the world, the American soldier. No bar on the market was up to the challenge. So the military created the HOOAH! bar. It's mission:Deliver STEADYENERGY (tm) and alertness

I'm not 100% sure, but I think our military was inspired by the favorite breakfast cereal of Nazi Germany Gestap-O's.

Anyway I bought one to try tomorrow morning before work. I'll give a full report on how well it worked tomorrow. If today was any indication, I'll need the thing tomorrow. I have no idea why but I'm just tired. Not yawning, need to go to bed tired either. Like Life tired. I didn't feel like doing anything today. Im at 11 of 10 on the Lethargic Meter. Hooah!!!

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Spaghetti McMeatball said...

thats amazing, what the hell else can they market about this war. theyre gonna bring back fuckin GI Joe's - only with bigger muscles. They'll sell them at Toys 'R Us. They'll probably make a novelty version with a huge wang for desperate fat girls, too. unbelievable.

Zooks said...

OK, so I'm one totally lazy biatch. I had your old blog bookmarked and when it was cremated I just couldn't find the energy to locate the damn link to the new until this morning.

T told me about the ex-gf being in the porn video. For some odd reason I found that amazingly funny. Not many guys can say that and, trust me, many would like to.

I had the exact same thoughts about the mother that left her kids at home to go to Springer. Figures.

Well, I'll be a regular visitor. You know how much I enjoy your sense of humor. Just don't f'ing move it again. I've followed you around enough - I know you think I stalk you but I don't, really.

So, one suggestion: the red font is excruciatlingly hard on the eyes. You might consider changing it to something else.

Otherwise - well done!


Teresa said...

well i think your blog fing sucks. i mean, you dont even tell us if the hooha bar is good!!

Fornelli said...

Zooks, I never moved blogs. This one has been around the whole time. I just had the poker blog too, but once I got the column on FTF I just moved it thurrrrrrrrrrrr.

Khan, your wish is my command.