Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 Things I've Learned Lately

  1. If baseball were played with a mini Nerf football I would be the greatest pitcher EVER. I now have both a curve and slider that each move in both directions. You try to hit it, then I hit you with a splitter that drops 4 feet as it crosses the plate.
  2. I like Kanye West, I didn't think I did before. Well I still don't like him being on the cover of Rolling Stone as Jesus. Not cuz I'm religious, and not cuz he's black. Because it's only to cause controversy and help sales.
  3. Having my pocket Aces lose to a 24 suited tilts the hell out of me.
  4. DON'T DOWNLOAD PORN. You never know what you might end up with.
  5. Cats like the taste of DVD's, cuz my sisters sure did enjoy chewing on my Wedding Crashers. Don't worry, it's chew proof. It still works.
  6. 1 Hackeysack for a buck is a waste of money, but 2 for a dollar is a must buy.
  7. I already knew, but have been reminded this week just how much the 2 weeks between the conference championships, and the Super Bowl is like heroin withdrawal.
  8. Losing things is fun, cuz then you get to find them.
  9. You can actually bet on the Lingerie Bowl PPV thing they do at halftime of the Super Bowl.
  10. First chapters of really retarded insane fictional stories are easy to write. Chapters 2-?, not so much.

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Kent Hrbek said...


japanese saying: starting is easy, continuing is hard.

set a goal like write 1000 words a day period end of story. thats per stephen king and he's a prolific mothereffer

the pitch that becomes useless in wiff;e/nerf/sock/etc baseball... the inside fastball.