Friday, January 13, 2006

Sup My Peoples?

Nothing goin on, I updated my sports column today, so if you're it.

I have to be up early tomorrow cuz I'm going to help Jack King out with some stuff at his house. He's repainting, and wants me to move furniture, clean carpets, etc. I'm getting paid good to do it, so I don't mind using my day off for it.

Also I just love this picture

P.S. I love the Daily Show

Keepin It Real Since 1980,


Joey Mac said...

the denver broncos? booo-urns to you. we only watch one football team in this inter-web community and that team invented the T-formation, wear GHS on their sleeves, were onced led by a certain coach Ditka, and currently have the best defense left; and they are on their way to something very shuffle-special.
get your head out of your ass,
and start sweating mike brown instead. get it right Big Tommy

Fornelli said...

Yes and any real Bears fan can appreciate a MLB literally knocking a guy off his feet.

I mean I posted a picture of some nuns the other week, and I'm not in a convent.