Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Poker Blog is No More

I deleted my poker blog, My Side of the Felt, from existence. I just don't update it enough. It's mostly due to writing here, and the sports column. Any major accomplishments in poker I will post here, but I won't be doing any kind of analysis or anything.

Also when Full Tilt Forum moves to a new server in the coming weeks, I will be having a column there, so any poker writing of mine will be found there.

Keeping It Real Since 1980,
Tom Fornelli


Anonymous said...

thomas, why can i post anonymous comments here , but not the sports blog?? i enjoyed your latest sports column (1/5) however i couldnt comment cuz i dont have a blogger id.

take the points this weekend!!


Fornelli said...

I'm not sure why it was that way, but I think I just fixed it. All for Allen Ray 4.