Friday, January 13, 2006

Fornelli's A Sellout

Some of you may have noticed the banners for on the right side of the page. Yes it's true, I've become a corporate whore. All I ask is that if you plan on buying something on Amazon in the future, just go there through my link. It will help contribute to my reading habit in the future, and reading is fundamental. You do want me to be fundamental don't you?

Did you know Charlize Theron is not only hot, but she smokes marijuana? Don't believe me? Check this out.

That's an odd way to eat an apple. I've never lit mine on fire before. Crazy South Africans and their silly eating habits. Does she put her burrito in a blender?

Seriously though, judging by the smile on her face in that last picture, at least it was good pot.

I spent the entire day at Jack King's house doing some work for him. I was basically nothing but a maid. I cleaned his entire basement, and it's a nice basement. It has the huge couch, the recliner, a big screen TV, a bar, a pool table, a foosball table, a dart board, two live grenades, and TONS of alcohol. I would pay Jack $1,000 a month just to live in his basement. It's a single man's wet dream.

After I was done in the basement I moved upstairs to start with the carpet cleaning. I cleaned every rug and piece of carpet in that entire house. The hardest part was Jack's bedroom. We had to move all the furniture in it into the bathroom so Jack could paint in it. (Yes that's right, all of Jack's furniture, including the king size bed, fit into his bathroom. I would pay Jack $500 a month to live in that bathroom. It has a TV, and I could sleep in the tub.) All in all I worked 8 and a half hours at Jack's before I was finally finished. I did get paid a pretty handsome fee to thank me for the nice work.

Also this morning I was woken up by Ms. Donna calling me at 8AM. We've had a weird path since I left Champaign. We have gone from drunk dialing each other at 4AM to giving each other wake up calls at 8AM. Maybe it's a sign of growing up? I just hope that by the time were both 30 we'll actually be able to talk cuz we call each other at Noon. I think I'm gonna call her at 8AM tomorrow. I have to be up for work then anyway, and she'll probably be sleeping off a long night of drinking, so it works.

The Bears play on Sunday against Carolina. Biggest football game in this town in 4 years. Go Bears. Win or I'll kill you.

Also thanks for those that gave me input into what White Sox jersey I should get. I'm glad to report that I still haven't made up my damn mind. I will though, someday, hopefully before Opening Day next year.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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