Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Celebration

It started out at Joel's apartment, and it ended with me eating McDonalds on the L train.

Um, things are kinda hazy from the night. I may have imbibed a bit. There are a few verbal exchanges that I can remember I found to be funny. I'll give you those and then post some purty pictures.

This first one was while riding in Leemer's new car on the way to Kevin's.

Me: Dude. Does this thing have heated seats?

Leemer: Ya, why?

Me: Just wanted to make sure I wasn't pissing myself.

Then there was this one after I lost to an asian girl in air hockey. (On purpose!! I'd been playing for like a half hour and wanted to get back to the party.)

Leemer:You just lost to an asian girl!! IN HOCKEY!! Asian girls can't play hockey!"

Me. You ever heard of Kristi Yamaguchi or Michelle Kwan!?

Anyway onto pictures!!!!

Silvio outside of our kind of video store.

Leemer playing air hockey. Something we spent entirely too much time doing. Kaleem was the last person to win not named

Silvio and Leemer acting very sober. And gay.

Yep, we're THOSE guys.

The Drunk Face Kevin is sporting in this picture with Sarah is absolutely priceless. I would like to blow it up and make a poster of it. I mean it's destined for the McCahill basement Wall of Fame.

Actually in fact...I think we're gonna need a closeup to truly confirm Drunk Face Greatness.

  1. Glazed Look In Eyes-Check
  2. Mouth open, tongue looking for freedom-Check
  3. Disheveled hair-Check
  4. Red Cheeks-Check
  5. An Irish Guy-Check
It's official. 5 outta 5. Ladies and Gentleman, we have a Drunk Face. This is Ted Kennedy territory too. Congrats Kev. I'll be sure to give this one to the parents.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,


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marty said...

wow kevin. way to go. i've never been prouder?