Saturday, December 31, 2005

I Need Your Help

Ok. So my mom basically gave me cash for Christmas. Not cuz she isn't thoughtful, but because I had no idea what I wanted. So I've now decided I'm going to get a White Sox jersey. My problem is this...I don't know who's. I'm afraid actually. I kind of have this curse with baseball jerseys and stuff. Whenever I get one of my favorite player's jersey they are inevitably shipped off unexpectedly. (Take for instance this season when I got myself an Aaron Rowand 33 Tshirt jersey. He now will be playing centerfield for the Phillies.)

So I'm scared. So I thought I would just get one with Fornelli on the back, but there are problems there too. See the numbers I would want would be either 3 for my birth
day, but that's Harold Baines' number, and it's retired. Then I go with 13 which was my number all throughout Little League, but it's also Ozzie Guillen's number. My final one would be 56 as just my favorite football number (Whenever I create myself in Madden I am ALWAYS Tom Fornelli Middle Linebacker #56) but Buehrle has it.

What is a Sox fan to do!? I was thinking I could go with an all time great, but the jerseys have a World Series patch on them. So it doesn't make much sense to get Carlton Fisk-72, or Robin Ventura-23 when neither were on the World Series team.

I've kind of narrowed it down to a few choices. They are Buehrle-56, Konerko-14, Crede-24 or Pierszynski-12. What do you do knowing the history surrounding me and these things?

Help me help myself.


Anonymous said...

if you wanna get the most bang for your buck, i'd pick pierszynski.

besides, you guys have a lot in common. big, strong, rough and tumble, ready to rumble (you hear about his TNA wrestling debut a couple weeks ago?) controversial, a scrapper... loves to tell anyone (esp. umps) he's right and they're wrong...

and during the WS, when they asked him how he felt about all the newly-converted white sox fans, he replied something to the effect of, "screw em."

yup. i vote for pierszynski. you two are soulmates.

marty said...

problem solved... name, "Bonerko" number.... 69

joemac said...

doing guillen is kind of timeless, since he played (in those jerseys minus the patch) among others, and managed in those exact jerseys. he'll always be the coach who won the (many?) world series for the sox, so it won't get old if he is fired. kind of like a ditka sweater with horizontal BEARS across the chest with the horizontal orange won't get old.