Thursday, January 05, 2006

Doobie Doobie Dooo

I have absolutely nothing to say. I just feel I should fill in a post with something.

Let's see. I'm sad that Notre Dame lost the Fiesta Bowl. I'm happy that Penn State won the Orange Bowl.

The best thing that happened after Notre Dame lost though was Kevin and I destroying everybody in darts. If only Brady Quinn could throw footballs like we do darts......sigh. Also watching Joe go from mildly buzzed to completely obliterated in 1.3 seconds was interesting. We were all in shock as to how it happened so fast. My theory? Roofies. I think Ted's stalker/our waitress intended for Teddy to get the mickey, but Joe got it by accident. I have no evidence though.

Also I watched the Texas/USC game on tape after work last night. Great game, but not GREAT in my opinion. I tend to like defense, and well there was absolutely none of that in the game. Even at the start when it was low scoring it wasn't cuz of defense. It was due to turnovers. Plus WTF was Reggie Bush thinking with that lateral!? Oh wait, I know.

"I'm Reggie Fucking Bush."

I also love the fact that since Bush's lateral went as a lost fumble it was a bonehead play. 10 minutes later when Vince Young did it (even though his knee was down) it was a great play. Gotta love that results oriented opinion.

Other than that I don't know. I really have nothing to talk about. Sorry.

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