Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Life Returning To Normal

Well this week marks the final 7 days of Hell Month at work. I can't wait til Christmas!! I say that every year, but usually cuz I want my presents. Not anymore. I just want my life back. Thankfully this week John is back from his vacation and my schedule is back to normal again. Plus I get both Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day off this year, which is nice. Then the week of New Year's I get a 4 day weekend. I guess it's my Boss' gift to me. Though a better gift would be not making me come in at 10AM on New Year's Day!! I think I work every New Year's Day. I have no idea why, seeing how I am everything BUT productive on that day. Tired..check. Hungover...check. Moody...check. Nauseous...check. Productive.................

Spent both Friday and Saturday night at work, so not much to talk about from my weekend. Sunday was fun though.

The Bears got back to playing like the Bears after an off game against Pittsburgh. Good Lord was it cold out. It was announced to be 7 below 0 thanks to the windchill. Me thinks it effected the Falcons a touch bit more than us. Think about how intimidating it is, to walk into a stadium of 54,000 people that hate you. Plus its 7 below, so you're already cold and uncomfortable. Then when they announce the temperature in the stadium, all 54,000 of those people stand up and start cheering. You could literally read Mike Vick's "Fuck this." mentality in his body language. He tried at first, but you could just tell after a while all the Falcons wanted to do was go home. The greatest thing about when these two teams play is that half the time, the two fastest people on the field are a 260 pound Middle Linebacker, and a Quarterback. Well once again the Middle Linebacker PWNED the QB. Cold weather is hitting weather, and the Bears defense didn't disappoint. All you could hear the whole night was CRACK! Not only did the Bears beat them on the scoreboard, they just beat them up. It was great to watch.

Monday I worked my first morning shift since November I think. I was dead tired cuz my sleep schedule has been so messed up by working the late shift for a month. I couldn't fall asleep til around 4AM and my alarm was going off at 7AM to get to work. All the yawning and aloofness left my body the second I stepped outside into the 4 degree weather. That wakes you up fast. After work I went and played poker with my Dad and his buddies, and made $10.

Other than that, not too much to report. I have to go to work in a few hours. Tuesday's are usually the slowest easy night of the week, but those nights don't exist during Hell Month. Hopefully nobody will die. I make no promises though.

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