Saturday, December 17, 2005

Back On The Horse

How many of you thought I meant heroin? Can't get back on something you never rode. Anyway..... I used to write lyrics/poems all the time. I started around age 16 and continued doing so on a regular basis until about a year ago. I finally sat down and wrote something tonight. I would have to call it a poem at this point, even though I have music in my head that it's set too. I wouldn't call it complete yet, cuz it has no chorus or anything. I just couldn't come up with anything for it. Maybe one of you can help. (Eyes shoot to Kevin, Marty, and Silvio.) You don't have to obviously, but if you're bored and feel like doin something creative go for it. Anyway here it is. Hope you like it.

Makes Me Happy

I walk this street
Dark narrow road
I feel safe
I feel alone
Under my feet
The crunch of snow
And in my face
A harsh wind blows
Without a care
I breathe this air
It makes me happy

As its verve
Fills my ears
The music soothes
It calms my fears
What I learn
What I hear
Helps me move
Through these years
I don’t care
If you aren’t there
It makes me happy

As I return
To my room
To the black box
And it’s flourescent gloom
How I yearn
To see you soon
This room’s a pox
This room’s my tomb
But I don’t care
Cuz you are there
You make me happy

I want to know
Your hands on mine
I want to sink
Into your eyes
So start the show
Dim the light
Kiss your cheek
And say good night
Without a care
Since you are there
You make me happy

1 comment:

Heather said...

The back of mind
is gonna smile
and persistently,
because it’s you that I find when I live…
and happiness to your heart I want to give.

That might be really gay. *shrug* Regardless, I like your writing. :)