Thursday, December 22, 2005

Funny Story from Work

Not much to say today, but there's a story I want to tell. I was at work, and I was talking to Vic and Anthony. Anthony is a college student who is back from school for break. He worked here before he left, and he's grabbing a few hours while he's in town. Anyway he was telling Vic and I a story about his friend. I may be a lil off, but even if it's not an exact quote, it's close enough.

"In high school, a friend of mine's father came home and told him he had gotten him a job for the Romano Brothers ( A liquor distributor) and he had to take a drug test the next day. Well he had just smoked some weed the night before, so he needed to do something to hide it. Another friend of ours told him to sneak some bleach in a condom and poor it in his urine sample. So like he did. But you know they check you before you go in, so he had to hide it. So he stuck it in his ass, well not IN his ass, but in his ass so he could pull it out while peeing unnoticed. Well he was sitting in the chair waiting for his turn and he felt this burning in his ass. The bleach had broken through the condom, and completely burned a hole in his boxers and jeans. So like he failed the drug test and his dad totally kicked his ass."

Now it gets good.

"So anyway, he want's me to ask you guys if we're hiring."

Anthony is a Marketing Major by the way. Me and Vic burst into tears laughing so hard.

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JoeyMac said...

Dude, that guy is pretty much an idiot. I'd hire him in a second to work at the Urbana Piccadilly.

SlySelea said...

See, the mistake was not sticking it IN his ass....