Saturday, December 10, 2005

All Sorts of Stuff

Damn women drivers!!

For those not from the Chicago area who are wondering. Yes, that is an intersection. Yes, that is a Southwest Airlines Boeing parked in it. Thursday night at Midway Airport a plane skidded off of the runway, broke through all the barriers, and went sliding out onto Central Avenue at 55th. 17 people were pretty badly hurt and 1 small child died. Nobody on the plane was hurt. If a kid hadn't died I'd probably be having a lot more fun with this. Nobody is sure whether it was ice on the runway or pilot error as of yet. For the sake of the pilot I hope there was ice on the runway, cuz if not he's in a heap of trouble. That's a crazy picture though.

Been working for what seems like all day everyday for a while. I would have posted something, but it just feels like everything I have to say I'm saying to either Marcus and Vic at work, or Panger on the phone. So by the time I get home I'm too tired to want to go through it all over again. I can promise you you are missing some wonderful things. (Like the fact that water is really just clear oil and that George Bush is planning on invading the Atlantic Ocean anyday now.) I also tested a theory I heard (but did not believe myself) with Marcus that any black man who is a Republican has abandoned his race. Marcus (he's black) said that was a bunch of bullshit. In fact he said, "Any black man voting for some cracker he doesn't know makes him a sell out to his race. I don't care what party he is." He was joking, but he still thinks that theory I heard was BS.

I was asked last night what I want for Christmas. It suddenly dawned on me that I don't have a clue what I want for Christmas. I got my parents a new washer and dryer for it. (Technically my Father ordered it but it's understood between my Mother and I that I shall be paying for it.) The washing machine broke the other day, and the dryer was near its last load too. So early Christmas gift. I'll probably get them something smaller too so they have something on Christmas. I also have no clue what the hell to get my sister. Now I have to think of what I want. I hate Christmas now. It was a hell of a lot better when I was 8 cuz I didn't have to do anything. I remember they would have like Christmas shopping at school. It was just a bunch of crap that each classroom would get a chance to go visit the "store" inside the school and buy some piece of crap for your parents. It was easy. All I had to do was spend $2 (that was my mom's anyway) on something while I was already at school, which I had to be at anyway. Then Christmas break would start and I could sleep all day, and play with my friends. Oh and I had to wake up on Christmas morning and open gifts. Hard life that was. My sister is the toughest person to shop for. She likes clothes. She doesn't like my taste in clothes. This is where the problems start. God Bless Gift Cards. That's where the problems end, sort of. I always get her a gift card, so, I would kind of like to do something different. I think that's where Ms. Silvia will come into play. Still I have to think of something I want. I may just tell my mom to get me a gift certificate to Best Buy. That way I'll have more time to figure out what I want. Thank God I don't buy my friends shit. Well shots, and beer when we're at the bar, but that's different cuz it's not like I'm not getting one for myself too.

I have to go to work again soon. I'm going into the 4th of 6 consecutive days in which I'm working the 4PM to midnight shift. (Thursday through Monday.) I'm also in a streak where I'm workin 13 straight 4-midnight shifts. If it wasn't for the 8 inches of snow I've had to shovel the last few days I probably wouldn't remember what the sun looked like. I have a strong notion that work is one of the main contributors to me hating Christmas these days. I don't remember what my friends look like anymore. Thank God I posted all their pictures on here a few weeks ago so I can go check.

On the health front I am officially 100% again. Ok, I cut up a knuckle a few days ago and it's annoying me. So I'm only 99.999% healthy, but I'm a firm believer in rounding up.

The Bears have a big game tomorrow. The Seahawks aren't likely to lose to San Francisco so they have to keep the pace. It's gonna be tough playing in Pittsburgh. Yes the Steelers have lost 3 in a row, but that doesn't mean much really. They still have a solid defense, and showed last week they can score. Meanwhile we have to be the first 9-3 team in NFL history with a QB controversy. As far as where I stand on that issue it's tough. Orton has QB'd this team to 9-3 (Ya the defense has led the team, not Orton.) and won 8 in a row. Hard to pull him, but he isn't playing very well, and if this team is going to do anything in the playoffs we NEED some kind of offensive output. Now Rex Grossman, our original starter before he got hurt in preseason, is healthy and ready to play. My main argument against putting him in is that Orton isn't losing games for us, and what exactly has Grossman ever done in the NFL? I like Rex, but he hasn't ever done anything spectacular. All he seems to do is get hurt. It's a tough spot for the team to be in. I think before it's all said and done though that Brian Urlacher will be playing QB and throwing TD's to Nathan Vasher. Another good thing is that even though Thomas Jones seems to be slowing down, Adrian Peterson is tearing it up when he's in, and Cedric Benson should be ready in a few weeks too. So the running game isn't going anywhere.

Also to my fellow Korn fan friends, if you haven't bought the new album yet, don't. Save your money. I'll burn you a copy if you want it, but I suggest keeping your $13 for something useful. Like a pitcher of beer.

I promise I'll try harder to update more in the next few days.

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Too bad you can not come out on Saturday, it looks to be pretty fun. Go Bears!