Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Don't Have To Shower Today!

Finally a day in which I don't have to go to work. Feels good. How about those Bears on Sunday? Did they get their ass kicked or what? That game wasn't fun to watch at all. Next week's game will be huge for a lot of reasons. First one being that we lost this week, and need to rebound. The other reasons are Minnesota won, so our lead is down to 1 game. The Vikings get Pittsburgh this week so hopefully the Steelers do to them what they did to us. Also it's against Atlanta, and Mike Vick. Vick hurt his ribs last night against the Saints so lets hope he stays hurt! Plus the game is on Sunday Night Football on ESPN. It's national television. These are the games where if you want to be respected as a team you have to perform. Plus its December. It's playoff time. Luckily for us the Panthers also lost on Sunday so we keep the #2 Ranking in the NFC. This still gives us a first round bye if we win out. Home field advantage doesn't look possible thanks to Seattle winning this week.

Ok, ok, enough football. This is my blog, not the Bears. The problem is that since I have been working so damn much, I haven't had time to do anything else. The highlight of my last 6 days was watching football. Also while I'm at work, I get these great ideas of things I want to write about, it's just that by the time I plant my ass in this chair I don't remember them.

I do know I'm a bit disappointed cuz there are 2 parties on Saturday night, and I can go to neither of them. I have to work Saturday night. Saranya is having a party at her place, and there will be cookies!!! Home baked. Hell technically if I could go I would have to make cookies of my own. Though even if I didn't bake my own, I don't think Saranya would kick me out of the party. Also on Saturday night Joey Mac, and Susan are having a joint birthday party thing. (Why do all my friends have joint parties?) It's one of those pay $20 at the door and drink whatever the hell you want for 3 or 4 hours. Those things are usually an amazing time for me. There is no limit on how much I can drink given 3 hours. Let's
just say that the $20 is not going to cover it. I'm surprised bars can offer these kinds of deals, especially when it involves my friends. We see it as a challenge, not a party. Like the bar has insulted us saying we can only drink $20 of liquor in 180 minutes. We adopt that "We'll show them!!" philosophy, and proceed to drink whiskey and tequila straight from the bottle. I remember at one of these things Kevin and I had Jack and Coke races. The premise being we would both get a Jack and Coke at the same time and race to see who could down theirs fastest. After we drank one, we'd order two more and start again. I remember that night ending up with me insanely drunk, and Kevin puking in Silvio's then brand new car. Kevin doesn't puke much, but when he does, it's always entertaining. Whether he's projecting it 15 feet (I seen it with me own eyes.) or spewing it out of a brand new Toyota's passenger side door doin 65MPH on the Kennedy Expressway, I always seem to laugh. I won most of those races, but Kevin won the war that night.

So I have about 85% of my Christmas shopping done. I still want to get one more thing for my mom, but I just don't know what yet. I also have to decide what it is I want for Christmas still. I hate shopping, and that lends itself to my psuedo hate of Christmas. (I hate every day before Christmas, but never seem to mind all the gifts I get.)

Am I the only one who notices how bad TV sucks? Apart from a few shows I watch, the rest of it is crap. I saw a commercial the other day for some new show. It's about washed up former celebrities learning to ice skate. Don't worry though, I hear they are currently shooting a Simple Life 4!! (Sarcasm. Don't want ANY confusion.)

I love my iPod.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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