Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Feelin A Lot Better

Nice picture.

Well lets see. Not much happening since Thursday. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all spent at work. Good times. Sunday morning wasn't too bad though. The Bears finally beat the Packers, 19-7. We finally got to beat up on Favre, and as a result we won. Next week is no easy game though, at Pittsburgh. Probably be 13 points scored in that game. Seattle won so they still have best record and home field. We can't afford to lose next week if we want homefield advantage in the playoffs, which would be huge. Playing at home in January would be a large advantage for the Bears, and their style of play.

Seems Dr. Spratford was right. My sinus infection seems to be done for. No more headaches at least. It's nice not having a headache all the time. Thanks Doc.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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TheMcCahill's said...

Feeling a lot better indeed. Susan and I are planning on doing something for our 24th birthdays on December 17th. This will probably involve the city, and may or may not involve Durkins, and the charmingest of all bars---the notorious cherry red. Just giving you a heads up.
Joe Mac