Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kill Me

I called in sick to work this morning. If you don't know for the last few weeks I've been having horrible headaches. Panger convinced me it was my sinuses. So I bought some Claritin D and some vapo rub. Those two together worked....at first. So the headaches went away for a few days. Well on Saturday they returned. The problem is they are now about 10 times worse than they were before. Ya they weren't pleasant before but at least I could function at a normal level. This morning when I woke up, ouch. I literally couldn't blink without it hurting. Any time I move my body my head hurts. I don't want to stand, I don't want to sit, I don't want to breathe.

Seriously I feel like John Bonham is playing in the front part of my skull, while Keith Moon is drummin away at the base of my skull. Those that know me generally know that I am not a big fan of going to doctors. Well it's gotten so bad that on Thursday I'm actually caving in and going to see one. I'm praying it's just a sinus infection. Though if it is that doesn't explain why my entire head is hurting. So I'm a bit worried there may actually be something wrong with me. I literally cannot remember what it feels like to NOT have a headache. As I sit here typing this I have a heat pack strapped to my forehead and vapo rub right above my lip. It's kind of helping. Whether it's helping or not though, at least I look stupid. That's what really counts.

Anyway I'm gonna go back to my bed and lay down. Hopefully I don't die. If I do say something funny at my funeral.

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Anonymous said...

uh... setting the record straight:

i tried to convince you weeks ago it was a sinus INFECTION and that if it was, the claritan would only ease the symptoms not solve the underlying cause. and that you needed to see a doctor and get a scrip for antibiotics.

selective memory: another symptom of a sinus infection? no... that's just you being you.


Fornelli said...

Speculation and heresay!!

Heather said...

Ugh - hope you feel better!