Thursday, December 01, 2005

Turn Your Head and Cough

Went to the doctor today. Good news is I'm gonna live. Bad news is my head doesn't hurt because I'm too smart. It's just a sinus infection. Sigh. Dr. Spratford told me that the infection was just about to get into my lungs, which would not have been good. He gave me a prescription for some antibiotics, and a couple of over the counter things he told me to pick up. He also assured me that I should be 100% by Sunday. That's awesome. It does absolutely nothing for the huge headache I have right now, but there is hope. Besides going to the doctor and getting my prescription filled I haven't done shit today but rest and recuperate. I discovered that I have the NFL Network On Demand which is just freaking awesome.

I don't get the NFL Network itself, but I can watch like 15 minute recaps of every game from the week before. Also I get a lot of special Bears only content. Like I watched an NFL Films Documentary on the 85 Season, and another on Walter Payton. Speaking of sports documentary/yearbooks....

Today's Boner
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I got my White Sox DVD!! I watched it last night. If you're a White Sox fan this is basically a must have. It made me smile a lot while watching it. Also on the inside they advertise that they're going to be releasing all of the Sox' World Series games on DVD in like March. I already know I'm gonna buy that too. It was kinda sad watching Aaron Rowand in the DVD since he was just traded last week. It seems that every year the Sox always lose one of my favorite players. Of course Paul Konerko just re-signed yesterday for 5 years and $60 Million. (That works out to about $2 Million a year less than I make.) So while watching my DVD last night I also felt good about the fact that thinking the White Sox will do it again next year is not only a possibility, but likely now. With Konerko, Thome, and Dye in the middle of your lineup, and guys like Crede, A.J., Iguchi, and Podsednik around them you are gonna score your fair share of runs. Plus we still have fantastic pitching. Well even though I know I could go on about the White Sox for at least 52 more paragraphs I'll spare you all. We'll move onto the final portion of today's entry.

Quote of the Day
"Quitting smoking is the absolute worst thing you could do for your health."
-Dr. Eric Spratford

I should clarify that with the next sentence he said, "At first anyway." When I told him how I quit smoking a few months ago, and had been getting sick ever since he informed me it's common. The immune system gets so "tough" from dealing with all the smoking, that when you stop it has to re adapt to normal conditions, and is in a weakened condition for a while. Of course I asked him if instead of paying him for seeing me, and then paying for a prescription, if I would be better off running to the gas station and buying a pack of Marlboro Lights. Don't worry, I didn't mean it. I quit smoking and I don't miss it in the slightest. Ok sometimes at work I wish I still smoked so I could take all those smoke breaks. But other than that I don't miss it at all. The extra cash in my pocket at the end of each week is a nice bonus too.

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Heather said...

I'm glad to hear you are sticking to your guns about quitting smoking. One of my best girlfriends quit smoking two years ago after years of off-again-on-again. She doesn't regret it in the least.

You'll feel better soon. Just use this as an excuse to get people to feel sorry for you and do things for you. ;-)

Fornelli said...

Go make me some soup.