Monday, November 28, 2005

Bear Down Chicago Bears!!!

How bout those Chicago Bears!?!? Another game they can't win, and yet another game they won. So that will lead us right into Todays Boner.

Today's Boner
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Alex Brown. He is killin people man!!! Look at Chris Simms over there. I bet you he just pooped himself a little. Chris Simms is having nightmares about Alex Brown right now. If Alex Brown wasn't hitting him, he was knocking down his passes. Alex Brown had more passes defended yesterday than some Cornerbacks do in an entire season. The last two weeks him and Adewale Ogunleye have been destroying offensive lines. The rest of the Defensive line isn't exactly slacking, but it just feels like every single play you hear Alex Brown's name. I love me my Chicago Bears right now. 8-3 with a 7 game winning streak. Most people picked them to go 6-10. Most people picked em to finish last in their division. Today they sit comfortably in first. Ahead of a newly resurgent Viking team, an old decaying Packer team (Gnite Brett!!), and a Lions team that just fired their head coach today. Don't worry Mooch. I'm sure you'll get another job somewhere, as like a QB coach.

Go Bears!!

Todays quote of the day comes from professional poker player Mike Matusow. Some of you may know him from this year's World Series of Poker coverage on ESPN where he finished 9th. Others may just already know him. Either way I was playing with him yesterday and the two of us started talking about our feelings.

"I farted and it felt good. I felt it, it was feelings."

-Mike Matusow

Mike and I had a good time playing poker together. I think we really bonded. Well now it's time for me to start getting ready for work. Oh Joy.

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