Monday, May 15, 2006

Pods, The Wager, and a Joke

Couple things today really. First I want to give props to White Sox leftfielder, and lead off hitter Scott Podsednik. Scotty had himself a helluva weekend in Minnesota. In three games he hit .571 (8-14) with 6 runs, 2 triples, a home run, 4 RBI, and 2 stolen bases.

He has raised his batting average on the season up to .300. Now normally that wouldn't be too big of a deal, but when you consider he started the season 1-39 for a .025 average, well Scotty has been in a groove since mid-April.

The Sox also became the first team to reach 25 wins in the majors today.

As far as the bet between Panger and I, the Cubs got shutout Sunday, and didn't play today. So the score now stands at:

  1. Panger 30
  2. Tom 27

Since Mother's Day is over, I can now tell the following joke I wanted to tell you all yesterday. I heard this during the poker tournament I won Friday night.

A little boy walks into the bathroom to pee, and when he does he stumbles across his nude mother getting out of the shower. The boy, embarassed, goes into the front room to talk to his father.

"Dad? What's that black hairy thing between mommy's legs?"

Surprised the father thinks for a second and responds, "That? That's mommy's viola."

"Well then what's a cunt?"

"Oh, that's the rest of your mother."

Have a good one.

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