Friday, April 07, 2006

Hello, My Name Is Tomas

Well there's a first time for everything apparently, and today was a milestone day in the life that has been Tom Fornelli.

You see for the first time in my life I was confused for a Mexican. While at work today a man came up to me and asked me a question in Spanish. I understood one sentence, but I responded with the same thing I always say when I hear people speakin espanol.


He then asked me again before I got Angel to answer his question for him.

As for the lack of entries on this blog, I do apologize. For what I'm not sure. But you see between work and all the Tivo'd baseball I have waiting for me when I get home from work, there's little time left for blogging.

See, I'm a HUGE baseball fan, and a football fan. Unlike football though, baseball is played everyday for 6 months, and I have the MLB Extra Innings package which allows me to watch any baseball game from around the country. Then of course there are always my Whit
e Sox. I must recommend to any of you readers, if you love baseball get the Extra Innings. You won't be sorry.

In other very interesting news I found out that Barack Obama will be at my job on Wednesday next week. So if any of you have any questions you want me to ask him while we talk feel free to let me know. If I can get a good interview with him I will post it here.

Well, it's time to go drink beer and watch my White Sox.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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