Friday, February 17, 2006

How To Waste A Thursday

Hey everybody.

For the first time in 2 weeks I finished a day of poker with more money than I started it with. Still, it wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I played in 5 multi-table tournaments today, and reached the final table in 4 of them. I finished the day up $9.80. That kinda sums things up for me poker wise. Hell if it wasn't for the $10 45 person sit and go I just finished 3rd in I would have been 3 for 4 in Final Tables and DOWN $62. There are some signs of encouragement though. In the sit and go I just finished, I won races, and even pulled a hellacious suckout on another player. We both got our money in on the flop with a pair of jacks, but he had an Ace kicker, I had an 8. Then I hit runners and ended up with a Q high straight to knock him out. That is the kind of thing that has happened TO me lately, not FOR me. Also for the first time that I can remember a pocket pair of mine somehow managed to survive a race against two over cards when my 99 beat a KJ. I was shocked! So hopefully these are trends that will continue, and maybe the math
is finally balancing itself out. Please balance out.

In other news my run on football jerseys on EBay continues as I bought another one today. I got a LaDainian Tomlinson Chargers jersey for $25 (with shipping). I was pondering getting the powder blue Chargers jersey, cuz well, they're badass, but I just wasn't sure that I could wear powder blue. It just doesn't fit me. Pretty soon I will embark on my rap career. (Shit...shoulda gotten the powder blue) Also I have my eyes on a Notre Dame Tom Zbikowski authentic jersey, but that auction still has a few days left on it. After I get that one I'll probably stop for a while. I hope.

I have to get up kind of early tomorrow cuz White Sox tickets go on sale at 9AM. I want to get Opening Night tickets for my dad and I. I'll get a couple others too cuz I figure Kevin will want to go, along with Joe, Marty, or the Leemer. I definetely want to bring my dad though, cuz I wasn't able to get any tickets for him during the playoffs last season and I felt guilty. He took me to so many White Sox games as a kid, I figure it's high time I returned the favor. I mean without him I might have been a Cubs fan or something. He's the only member of his family who was a White Sox fan, hell no one on my mom's side is a Sox fan either. Thank God somebody had some damn sense. So here's hoping I can get some for the Old Man.

After I get the tickets (power of positive thinking) I gotta go to work all day. I may go out tomorrow night, but honestly the fact I have to work EVERY Saturday morning puts a cramp on my social life for Friday nights. I really don't enjoy going into work hungover anymore. Though did I ever? Well I guess what I mean is, I can't really get away with it like I could when I was 18 or 21. I had no idea things started going downhill so fast. I'm only 25 for Christ's sake, but I get hangovers now if I have like 4 beers. It's annoying as all absolute hell. I come from a crew of guys who had 4 beers in their cereal every morning. Ok, so that's stretching it a lil, but you get the point.

Let's see...what else what else what else........oh yeah. I updated my sports column today. If you want to read it feel free to click on this link
hurrrrrrr. Other than that, have a good one.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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