Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Don't Believe The Hype!

Well let's update things since we last met shall we?

I've officially gone on break from poker for a little while. I don't know how long, I just don't want to be anywhere near a poker game, virtual or otherwise. I will play in my tournament tomorrow night, but that's it.

I was unable to get Sox tickets for Opening Night like I hoped, so that sucks a bit. I re
ally wanted those damn tickets. Opening Day is still over a month away, but it feels so much closer. It's gonna be a long month. Thankfully the NCAA basketball tournaments will be starting soon, so that will keep my sporting interests. I'm sorry, but the Olympics and the ass kicking of America just don't keep my interest. For example Finland just kicked America's ass in hockey. I told you!! VIVA LA FINLAND!!!!! There is the World Baseball Classic starting in about a week. I have developed a great theory about it too.

It's a government conspiracy. Seriously. (Or not.)

The timing of the tournament has been complained about since the start, but thanks to the Olympics I finally figured out why. The WBC is gonna be a every 4 year deal thing, just like the Olympics. Coincedentally (actually not coincedentally) it is in the same year as the Winter Olympics and begins right after the Winter Olympics end.


Cuz America sucks in winter sports. As a result we look bad to the rest of the world. Remember the Olympi
cs have long been an unofficial measuring stick for which country is the shit, and who sucks. So something had to be done. The US Gov't and MLB figured to start the WBC, cuz baseball is America's sport and we have a pretty good chance to win it and prove our dominance over the rest of the world. That is why it's right after the Olympics. So instead of dwelling on the fact we just got our butts kicked in the Olympics we can quickly say "Did you see the way we destroyed Sudan last night!!!?? Man we rule!"

I'll watch anyway. Just cuz I like the baseball, and well real baseball doesn't start til April. Need something to bridge that gap.

Speaking of baseball, I just finished reading The Summer Game which I'd mentioned in a previous entry. It was a very good book that I thoroughly enjoyed. Gave me a glimpse into baseball during the 60's that I can't get on ESPN Classic. Being absolutely in love with
everything baseball right now I've also just started reading Ball Four by Jim Bouton. For those who don't know Bouton was the original Jose Canseco. Not cuz he did the roids, but because he published a book that told of life inside baseball. The stuff that fans generally don't get to see. I'm about 100 pages into it and I find it very entertaining, well written, and hilarious. It's not just a baseball book either, it is a life book. My favorite part of the book so far has been the essaying on the art of Beaver Shooting. (Beaver Shooting is kinda like Peeping Tomism. It involves looking up skirts and such. No Beavers are actually shot, so leave me alone PETA.) Apparently Mickey Mantle wasn't only the best player on the field, but one of the best Beaver Shooters off it.

In other news I bought that Notre Dame Tom Zbikowski jersey. That's it. I've promised myself I would stop for a while. Great deals are great deals, but if I buy 100 jerseys I'm not exactly saving money anymore.

Also for those waiting on chapter 2 of The Sugar Chronicles, I have bad news. It's kinda been postponed. I'm working on another project of actual importance (read: I may actually get paid for it) and have decided to put all my "creativity" into that. I'll probably keep you informed of how that goes though, and if I'm ever just sitting around and the story pops in my head, I will go for it. I already know where I want to go with the rest of the Chronicles, but just haven't put thoughts to paper. I assure you it's all gold though. One day you'll find out.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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Joey Mac said...

I read about one hundred pages of ball four too. those hotel roof peeping scene's are just hilarious to picture. Did you get to the part where he talks about Mickey and Whitey inviting rookies to "The Flame" in Detroit? Classic stuff right there.