Friday, January 20, 2006


Ok so when I leave for work today it's cloudy and about 45 degrees. When I leave work to come home it's 30 degrees, and were amidst a full blown blizzard type snow storm. It was 50 degrees yesterday!!!!! I Love Chicago. Here's a pic from my cell phone of the crazy snow.

It's disgusting. The one thing about snow though, is that even though it's generally a huge pain in the ass, the world never looks prettier than when it's covered in snow. Everything just looks so peaceful.

So let's see, what did I do today? Not much really. I slept until 2PM. That's the latest I've slept in a long time. I was up late watching Panger in a poker tournament. I originally woke up at 11, but the next thing I knew it was 2. Crazy shit. I then checked a few things on the net and watched some tv before heading off to work. Work was incredibly slow, mostly due to the weather. I sat around bored most of the night. I had everything that I needed to get done finished by about 730. Problem was I was scheduled to be there until midnight. So I kinda just did odd jobs here and there to pass the time. Other than that not too much happened in my life.

I did happen upon an interesting story in the Chicago Sun Times tonight though that inspired a new feature for the blog. It's called WHY I HATE PEOPLE. I hope you like our first installment. Here it is.....


That's good mothering right there. How absolutely perfect is it that she ditched her kids for Springer? These types of things aren't accidents. Those poor poor kids. Sure the mother only has to do 30 days, meanwhile her kids are stuck with a life sentence. They don't even have a chance. I mean I used to watch Jerry Springer when it was first catching on while I was in high school. That was mainly due to the fact I didn't have cable in my bedroom, and I was in high school. I wasn't exactly a mature human being. These days I can't watch the show for more than 20 seconds without getting nauseous.

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Anonymous said...

tom can i come live/work with you?


-Allen Ray 4

Fornelli said...

I don't know why you want to.
Is Cheese coming with you?

Anonymous said...

for you tom.

ps- Nope.

Anonymous said...

that was me btw


Deemon said...

People suck.

(you cant live here either allenray)

Kent Hrbek said...

cant live with me either unless u a) fix up the shed and live in it and b) do work around the house.

btw -- fresh snow cover changes everything... it could make 2aray forget his issues at least for a while... so i hear what u saying there brotha