Friday, January 27, 2006

Rested and Ready for Things and Stuff

Hello there!

First off, its gonna take a while to get used to this sight.

Good Luck in Oakland Frank.

Not too much to report on. Had the last few days off, and didn't do much but laundry and cleaning up around the place. I'm happy cuz Panger is home from her brief stay in the hospital, and she's ok. That bitch had me worried for a while.

On the poker front I been pretty good. I've broken out of my slump and finished third in
a HORSE tournament today. (For those not in the know, HORSE is a combo game. Each level rotates from Hold em, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz, Seven card Stud, and Stud Hi Lo {E is for stud Eight or better}) So you have to know how to play every game. Luckily for me, I do. I finished in third, but had a large chiplead when it got to the final three. Unfortunately I had managed to play the entire tournament without getting screwed, so I was due when we got down to three. The screw job came (TWICE) and I ended up finishing in third. I was really pissed at the time, but it's hard to complain about $120 for 3 hours work really.

After the tournament I went to Brixie's with Bill and Tony. Once there we met up with Billy Marco (who was working the door) and Chris Gedenk. We played pool for money, and I ended up breaking even on the night. So I got to drink for free!! Kinda. Can't complain about that now can we?

So all in all, good 2 days off. Room's clean, Panger's alive, and I made money while drinking beer. Sounds like I win.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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Kent Hrbek said...

you win.

btw, frank was done anyway. fearsome in his day, but u know...