Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Hello There

Hi. Christmas was good. Enjoyed spending time with the family, and watching the Bears win. It's a good combination, then you throw in good ass food, and well you get good times. It's true, if you don't believe me try it at home.

I got one of my Christmas gifts to myself in the mail today. Here it is.

It's by Bill Simmons. He's a sports columnist on's Page 2, and in ESPN the Magazine. I enjoy his work very much, and he's somewhat of an inspiration in my own sports column. (If you don't know about it the link is over on the right of the page. It's called The Way I See It) Anyway the book is about the Red Sox winning the World Series a few years ago, and his own personal journey in the years leading up to it, and just his entire life in general. I would have bought this book and read it eventually just cuz I like Simmons so much, but with the White Sox winning the Series this year I can relate even more. So far I haven't really been able to put it down since I started. Simmons and I are very much alike except for location and rooting interest. Anyway, I kind of want to read the thing some more right now, and I will as soon as I finish typing the next sentence, and do the whole Keepin it...etc at the end. I hope Christmas was good for all of you too.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,


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