Friday, January 11, 2008

A Strong Man With A Stronger Message

Really, has there ever been a greater American hero than Mr. T? I mean, not only did he avoid capture by the U.S. government during all those years with the A-Team, but he was also man enough to take on Rocky for the world heavyweight championship.

George Washington's got his own fucking memorial for less. "But Tom, he lived in Valley Forge with his troops during a long winter!"

Boo fucking hoo, I grew up with a mother who thought that 25 degrees was a perfectly reasonable temperature to have the windows open. Where the fuck is my statue? No where. That's where.

In a way, me and Mr. T are a lot alike. We kick ass, have awesome hair, and can kill a man with one punch.

We also know to respect our mothers. Even if the bitch did make me freeze all those years.

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