Friday, March 24, 2006

Jump Around!

Ok, well I don't know what everybody's plans are this weekend but if you're in the Chicago area Saturday night I'm officially inviting you to a party with the new House of Pain.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Come join Kevin, Brian, and Marty as they christen their new Super Manly and Cool Bachelor Pad of The Future with a wee get together. There will be beer. For more info, go
here. If somebody asks you who the hell you are just tell them The Leemer sent you.


  • Well thanks to all the free press it recieved (I'm still waiting for my check) in the last week its not surprising but more people tuned into South Park this week to see Chef die than ever.
  • Maybe this is why the Catholic Church doesn't allow it's Priests to marry. Murderous wives?......molesting small children?.....murderous wives?.....molesting small children? I'll take Screw em All(no I don't mean the small children) for $800 Alex.
  • Gotta love a country in which you can send thousands of kids to their deaths, but you kick one cat........
  • Say your young child runs away from home one day, where's the first place you look? 1,000 miles away, or down the street? SHE WAS TWO BLOCKS AWAY THE ENTIRE TIME!!!!!! How bad could they have wanted her back?
  • Well we're talking religion again so somebody must be dying. Islam? Christianity? I'll take Screw em All for $1000 Alex. Not to get too deep into it but when will mankind learn that religion is the main thing holding us back?
  • Oh those crazy Russians. Even when they aren't Commies they're still a pain in the ass.
  • Also since I think Jay Leno is absolutely brilliant, (outright lie)I just wanted to post this one cuz the headline made me laugh. Pagan poised for role on big league roster


Anonymous said...

"Rahman is charged with rejecting Islam by converting to Christianity, an offense that can be punishable by death under the Afghan constitution."

this is the constitution they wrote AFTER we won. that's got to warm the hearts of those who survive the 300 american soldiers killed there.

"enduring freedom," indeed.

as for your other point, christopher hitchens says it best: "the real axis of evil is christianity, islam and judaism."

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and, great pic.

nice to know that kevin's grandchildren will have a special photo to enlarge and put on the dais for his surprise 70th birthday party.