Saturday, November 12, 2005

What the Dilly?

Where have I been? What have I been doing? Nowhere. Nothing. I knew getting old was a bitch, but is it supposed to happen this quickly? I swear to God that ever since I quit smoking I've actually seen my health decline. I had some sort of weird stomach thing goin on earlier this week that was totally fucking with my stomach. All the subsequent trips to the bathroom proceeded to dehydrate my system leaving me with lovely headaches and stuff. I didn't miss a minute of work through all this mind you. Now that I got over that though I've been having these weird pains in my head. It's like a kind of odd pressure in my forehead. I feel it when I stand up, or bend over or just move. Hell if I get wide eyed I feel it. It's not like "Ow!" pain, as much as pressure. Kinda like when you wake up really hungover, and your head is throbbing. Think of that throbbing, but not continuous. Just a lil at a time every once in a while. I say it's an anuerysm and I'm due to die any second, Panger says it's sinuses. We all know how competitive I can be, and I plan on winning this argument God dammit.

Donna drunk dialed me the other night and left me a voicemail. I called her back and left her a voicemail. We've been playing phonetag ever since. I really was happy to hear from her cuz I had'nt in a while and she is one of my Top 3 People of all time. Now if I could only TALK to her.

@ray texted me this afternoon while I was at work with
"Tom, how do I get out of detox?"

I replied with
"Either sober up or start

I'm not sure what he did, but he is out of detox now. I'm completely shocked this is his first time.

I have a huge game tomorrow in my main fantasy football league. For those who don't know my boy BillyB and I own a team called Swamp Nutz. At this point were 3-6, but only 2 games out of first place. We just pulled off some trades this week that we hope will do SOMETHING, ANYTHING to help us win. First we sent Antonio Chatman packing to the Victimizers (Vic LeBron) for Cedric Benson. We needed an RB this week, well any week cuz the ones we've had this year just suck. Plus he's a Bear so I'm rooting for him twice. Then in a big, and somewhat risky trade we got rid of fantasy stud Torry Holt. Ya he was like our entire offense when he was healthy but man do we need depth. So we sent him to the Kingsmen (Mike King) for 2 WR's Joey Galloway and Jimmy Smith. Jimmy Smith has an extra bonus in that he's on the same team as our QB Byron Leftwich, so if they hook up for some TD's this week it's 2 times the points for us. Of course Drew Brees will be our starting QB again starting next week. If we lose this week I think it's safe to say we can start preparing for next season's draft.

Ya that's about it at this point.

Keepin It Real Since 1980,

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